New updates and improvements to ZEBEDEE

  1. Introducing ZBD Marketplace! See additional products and services offered by ZEBEDEE


    ZBD Marketplace is a new offering within the Developer Dashboard, showcasing additional products (e.g. ZBD Shield) and services (e.g. Beta Testing and UX Optimization).

    These products and services will help aid your integration with ZEBEDEE, optimize your product and game launches, and maximize your impact.

    If you’re interested in any Marketplace items, you can use the prompts to get in contact with us.

    Access Marketplace on the sidebar or using the keyboard shortcut `a + m`.

    Marketplace highlights:

    - ZBD Shield: A new fraud mitigation and bot detection tool that helps protect your game or application.

    - Beta Testing and UX Optimization: Get a pool of engaged beta users to provide you with direct feedback during your testing phase. Plus a review of your ZEBEDEE-related UI/UX from our experts.

    - ZBD App Premium Placements: Get your app or game in front of the entire ZEBEDEE user base.

    - And more!

    Check it out!

  2. Send to Gamertag endpoint now accepts ZBD Lightning Addresses


    Many platforms built on ZEBEDEE allow users to withdraw funds from their games or applications to the ZBD App by sending sats to the ZBD Gamertag the user specifies.

    Unfortunately, some users enter their entire ZBD Lightning Address, which causes the payment to fail as it is not the same as a ZBD Gamertag; for example, they specify `` instead of just `user`. This leads to user frustration with the game / application, and with ZBD.

    To prevent this, we’ve updated the `v0/gamertag/send-payment` endpoint (Send Payment to ZBD Gamertag Endpoint) to accept ZBD Lightning Addresses (e.g. `{gamertag}`) as well. Therefore, whether the user specifies their ZBD Gamertag or `{gamertag}`, the payment will succeed and funds will be sent to the proper user.

    We hope this will prevent future user confusion when withdrawing their rewards from your platform!

  3. New Changelog: Stay up to date on our latest updates!


    Check out our new Changelog by looking for `Latest Updates` in the sidebar.

    Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 5.18.19 PM

    We will continuously post announcements of new features, updates, improvements, and more.

    Check back often to stay up to date!

  4. Improvements & Fixes


    - Fixed edge-case bug when creating a charge from kbar

    - Increased the number of IPs supported in the API Access List to 15

    - Added skeleton components to improve the Dashboard loading experience

    - Changed project image to square

    - Fixed bug related to Create / Edit Project modals

    - Updated project nomenclature to improve clarity

    - Bitcoin logo added before wallet balance

    - Fixed `Forgot your password` not displaying properly on the Safari browser

    - Updated the 403 page

    - Updated the item spacing in the navbar

    - Add header and sub-text above profile image on Account page

    - Updated the Developer Wallet Actions buttons

    - Updated the input field active text color

    - Added a hover state to the Quick Actions button in the sidebar

    - Added a CTA to increase your wallet limits in the Top-Up modal

    - Fixed Allowed IP list bug where some entries didn’t save

  5. View Project Details: View the unique Project ID and Wallet ID from the Dashboard


    Each of your projects has a unique Project ID and Wallet ID. These can now be viewed from within each `Project`. There are several instances where these might be needed; for example, the Wallet ID is needed if you want to perform an Internal Transfer via API.

    To find this information, go to `Projects` → Click on the applicable Project card → Find the `...` menu → Select `Project Details`

    Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 5.05.57 PM
  6. Edit Gamertag: Change your account’s gamertag from the Dashboard


    You can now change your gamertag associated with your Developer Account in the Developer Dashboard UI.

    This gamertag will appear in push notifications to a user when you send them funds from your account, so we recommend choosing a user-friendly and descriptive gamertag.

    For example, if your gamertag was `bob`:


    Further, this is the gamertag associated with your ZEBEDEE Mobile App account (accessible with the same login information as your Developer account), so paying funds to this gamertag will fund to your ZEBEDEE App wallet.

    To edit your gamertag, go to `Account` → `Edit Gamertag` → Save Changes