New updates and improvements to ZEBEDEE

  1. New Documentation Portal + API Reference!


    Check out our new Doc Portal to view:

    - Updated product walkthroughs of the Developer Dashboard and ZBD Shield

    - Details on the many Payins / Payouts functionalities available on the API

    - Integration guides on how to best leverage instant Bitcoin payments

    - A comprehensive API Reference that details each API endpoint available in the ZEBEDEE API suite and goes in depth on the expected responses and input parameters. It even has a request handler for you to try out endpoints in the browser! Note: immediately regenerate any API keys you use here once done testing.

    Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 12.37.38 PM

    Make sure to check back often to see new endpoints and guides!

  2. Introducing Subscription Tiers


    ZEBEDEE is pioneering ways to help others Make Money Move.

    To further that effort, we’ve opened up our platform so that anyone can sign up for an account and begin building with us immediately.

    To better support our growing developer community and continue to improve our services, we have introduced tiered pricing for our subscription plans based on API usage needs.

    We worked hard to ensure a strong Free offering that allows you to build and scale your integrations before needing to pay a monthly fee.

    Starting May 15th, 2023, for high volume accounts, we will begin charging a monthly subscription fee for access to the ZEBEDEE API, in addition to the current 1% transaction fee.

    You can find more information on the pricing tiers in the image below, on the Billing page in the Dash, or the pricing page on our website.

  3. Introducing Sandbox Mode 1.0!


    Sandbox Mode allows you to test your integration without having to use real funds!

    Any new Projects that you create on the Developer Dashboard will be equipped with both a Live and Sandbox Mode. Existing Projects will remain unchanged; you can continue to use your Live API key(s) and the endpoints listed on the API Reference to Make Money Move.

    Projects with Sandbox Mode have:

    - A separate wallet to hold fake sats

    - A unique API key to use on Sandbox API routes

    - Test users, to whom you can send fake sats and view their wallet balance


    Sandbox Mode Version 1.0 includes support for the 'Send to Gamertag' endpoint, wherein you can send fake sats to test users. Learn how below.

    We will be continuously expanding Sandbox Mode functionality; for example, creating Sandbox Lightning Network Charges and Payments. Let us know what Sandbox features you’d like to see first here.

    How to Use Sandbox

    1. Create a new Project. By default, new Projects will open to Sandbox Mode, and your Sandbox Wallet will be funded automatically. Notice the the Live/Sandbox toggle in the upper right of the screen; use this to switch Projects between Live and Sandbox Mode.

    Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 2.58.49 PM

    2. Go to the API tab and find your Sandbox API key. Note: Sandbox keys are still protected by your IP Access Controls!


    3. Go to the Test Users tab to find Sandbox user gamertags. You can monitor the Wallet Balance for these test users here. Note: Test users are shared across all of your Projects.


    4. Test the Send to Gamertag endpoint

    Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 3.00.57 PM

    5. View the transaction on the Wallet Transaction History table, and view the Test User Wallet balances on the Test Users tab.

    6. If you run out of fake sats to test with, you can add more funds to a Project through the Top Up button in Wallet Actions.


  4. Improvements & Fixes


    - Bitcoin logo added to Project Wallet Balance card

    - Removed "in last 30 days" from Transaction Count card

    - Changed two transaction type display names:

    - Internal → Internal transfer

    - Peer Payment → Payment

    - Updated the validation schema for creating / editing Projects

    - Added "- ZEBEDEE" to page titles in browser tabs

    - Fixed spacing on the Create Project button

    - Improved Edit Gamertag UI

    - Changed and added meta tags

    - Fixed page flickering on account

    - Fixed flickering on Changelog

  5. Introducing ZBD Marketplace! See additional products and services offered by ZEBEDEE


    ZBD Marketplace is a new offering within the Developer Dashboard, showcasing additional products (e.g. ZBD Shield) and services (e.g. Beta Testing and UX Optimization).

    These products and services will help aid your integration with ZEBEDEE, optimize your product and game launches, and maximize your impact.

    If you’re interested in any Marketplace items, you can use the prompts to get in contact with us.

    Access Marketplace on the sidebar or using the keyboard shortcut `a + m`.

    Marketplace highlights:

    - ZBD Shield: A new fraud mitigation and bot detection tool that helps protect your game or application.

    - Beta Testing and UX Optimization: Get a pool of engaged beta users to provide you with direct feedback during your testing phase. Plus a review of your ZEBEDEE-related UI/UX from our experts.

    - ZBD App Premium Placements: Get your app or game in front of the entire ZEBEDEE user base.

    - And more!

    Check it out!

  6. Send to Gamertag endpoint now accepts ZBD Lightning Addresses


    Many platforms built on ZEBEDEE allow users to withdraw funds from their games or applications to the ZBD App by sending sats to the ZBD Gamertag the user specifies.

    Unfortunately, some users enter their entire ZBD Lightning Address, which causes the payment to fail as it is not the same as a ZBD Gamertag; for example, they specify `` instead of just `user`. This leads to user frustration with the game / application, and with ZBD.

    To prevent this, we’ve updated the `v0/gamertag/send-payment` endpoint (Send Payment to ZBD Gamertag Endpoint) to accept ZBD Lightning Addresses (e.g. `{gamertag}`) as well. Therefore, whether the user specifies their ZBD Gamertag or `{gamertag}`, the payment will succeed and funds will be sent to the proper user.

    We hope this will prevent future user confusion when withdrawing their rewards from your platform!

  7. New Changelog: Stay up to date on our latest updates!


    Check out our new Changelog by looking for `Latest Updates` in the sidebar.

    Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 5.18.19 PM

    We will continuously post announcements of new features, updates, improvements, and more.

    Check back often to stay up to date!

  8. Improvements & Fixes


    - Fixed edge-case bug when creating a charge from kbar

    - Increased the number of IPs supported in the API Access List to 15

    - Added skeleton components to improve the Dashboard loading experience

    - Changed project image to square

    - Fixed bug related to Create / Edit Project modals

    - Updated project nomenclature to improve clarity

    - Bitcoin logo added before wallet balance

    - Fixed `Forgot your password` not displaying properly on the Safari browser

    - Updated the 403 page

    - Updated the item spacing in the navbar

    - Add header and sub-text above profile image on Account page

    - Updated the Developer Wallet Actions buttons

    - Updated the input field active text color

    - Added a hover state to the Quick Actions button in the sidebar

    - Added a CTA to increase your wallet limits in the Top-Up modal

    - Fixed Allowed IP list bug where some entries didn’t save