New updates and improvements to ZEBEDEE

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Developer Dashboard + Doc Portal Updates


Developer Dashboard Updates:

- We’ve removed the 2 Project limit on the Free Tier! The Pricing card has been updated accordingly.


- The Project Description field now has a live-updating character count to help you get to the 150-character minimum.


- Data tables now show relative timestamps. When hovered, the exact timestamp shows. (3)

- Top-Up with MoonPay has been removed due to their product changes that made their offering incompatible with our platform. We're working on supporting alternative top-up mechanisms.

- Subscriptions buttons are disabled if the Dashboard Billing Service is unavailable.

- Beamable has been added to the Marketplace.

- Added the ability to edit Billing Details for Subscriptions.

- Fixed bug related to some Sandbox wallets being credited the incorrect amount at creation.

- Updated the site’s SEO card.


Doc Portal Updates:

- Fixed bug related to a few endpoints not working when testing in the Doc Portal UI

- Added missing fields on the response of the `Send Payment` endpoint

- API Reference sidebar menu items now open by default

- Fixes related to OpenID for ZBD Login

- Updates to ZBD Login: Building page

- Improvements to SDKs page

- UI improvements