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Introducing ZBD Marketplace! See additional products and services offered by ZEBEDEE


ZBD Marketplace is a new offering within the Developer Dashboard, showcasing additional products (e.g. ZBD Shield) and services (e.g. Beta Testing and UX Optimization).

These products and services will help aid your integration with ZEBEDEE, optimize your product and game launches, and maximize your impact.

If you’re interested in any Marketplace items, you can use the prompts to get in contact with us.

Access Marketplace on the sidebar or using the keyboard shortcut `a + m`.

Marketplace highlights:

- ZBD Shield: A new fraud mitigation and bot detection tool that helps protect your game or application.

- Beta Testing and UX Optimization: Get a pool of engaged beta users to provide you with direct feedback during your testing phase. Plus a review of your ZEBEDEE-related UI/UX from our experts.

- ZBD App Premium Placements: Get your app or game in front of the entire ZEBEDEE user base.

- And more!


Check it out!