New updates and improvements to ZEBEDEE

Send to Gamertag endpoint now accepts ZBD Lightning Addresses


Many platforms built on ZEBEDEE allow users to withdraw funds from their games or applications to the ZBD App by sending sats to the ZBD Gamertag the user specifies.

Unfortunately, some users enter their entire ZBD Lightning Address, which causes the payment to fail as it is not the same as a ZBD Gamertag; for example, they specify `` instead of just `user`. This leads to user frustration with the game / application, and with ZBD.

To prevent this, we’ve updated the `v0/gamertag/send-payment` endpoint (Send Payment to ZBD Gamertag Endpoint) to accept ZBD Lightning Addresses (e.g. `{gamertag}`) as well. Therefore, whether the user specifies their ZBD Gamertag or `{gamertag}`, the payment will succeed and funds will be sent to the proper user.

We hope this will prevent future user confusion when withdrawing their rewards from your platform!