New updates and improvements to ZEBEDEE

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Improvements & Fixes


- Fixed edge-case bug when creating a charge from kbar

- Increased the number of IPs supported in the API Access List to 15

- Added skeleton components to improve the Dashboard loading experience

- Changed project image to square

- Fixed bug related to Create / Edit Project modals

- Updated project nomenclature to improve clarity

- Bitcoin logo added before wallet balance

- Fixed `Forgot your password` not displaying properly on the Safari browser

- Updated the 403 page

- Updated the item spacing in the navbar

- Add header and sub-text above profile image on Account page

- Updated the Developer Wallet Actions buttons

- Updated the input field active text color

- Added a hover state to the Quick Actions button in the sidebar

- Added a CTA to increase your wallet limits in the Top-Up modal

- Fixed Allowed IP list bug where some entries didn’t save